Energy Transition Research

Energy Transition Research at OIES focuses on the trends shaping energy systems, transformations in behaviours and business models, and the implications of shifting from the existing hydrocarbon-dominated energy economy to a system in which renewables, low-carbon energy sources and abated use of hydrocarbons will play a much greater role.

Energy Transition Research identifies and analyses the key themes shaping the energy system and combines and coordinates transition research themes from across all other OIES Research Programmes.


Energy Transition Research provides an integrative framework in which key questions can be answered, including:

  • How will the current energy crisis impact the energy transition?
  • What role will oil and gas play in the energy transition?
  • Which technologies will be critical for the energy transition?
  • How can these technologies be financed and scaled up?
  • How should governments incentivize investments in low carbon technologies?
  • What role should consumers be playing in the energy transition and how can their behaviors best be shaped?
  • How can renewables best be integrated into the power sector / energy system?
  • How should energy systems develop in the energy transition?
  • What are the potential geopolitical consequences of the energy transition?
  • How should private sector energy companies adapt their strategies to the energy transition?
  • How should companies respond to the emerging regulatory requirements for measurement, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions and especially methane?

If you would like any information on OIES Energy Transition Research please contact Bassam Fattouh.

Latest Publications from the Energy Transition Research