Energy Transition Research Initiative

OIES is developing research modules on topics that are relevant to the energy transition with particular focus on the process and implications of shifting from the existing hydrocarbon-dominated energy economy to a new system in which low-carbon energy sources and abated use of hydrocarbons will play a much greater role.

The Energy Transition Research Initiative is underpinned by the fact that renewable energy must play an integral and dominant role in global energy supply by 2050, in line with global climate change mitigation targets. However, the transition to that end goal will inevitably involve hydrocarbon consumption, and the analysis of the timing and extent of the decline in demand for the different fossil fuels and the resulting political and economic consequences will be as important as an understanding of the new energy sources that will replace them. We outline our views on the key issues that will need to be addressed in a research paper by James Henderson which can be found here.

The first research modules that will be formed under the Energy Transition Initiative will cover the following themes:

The geopolitics of energy supply chains

The circular energy economy

Creating a business case for a hydrogen economy

The future of networks

Carbon research themes

The future of energy in transport

These modules will involve in-depth study of key research topics and will allow funders to get a deeper understanding of vital energy transition issues through a series of research papers, workshops and individual meetings. Funders will also be able to work in close collaboration with OIES research fellows and to get more deeply involved in the analysis and development of key conclusions as the research themes are developed in multi-year projects.

In addition to these Modules, OIES will also continue to produce research on a number of other energy transition issues, much of which will overlap with the existing Oil, Gas, China Energy and Electricity Research Programmes. Examples of recent research include the future of transport, the outlook for hydrogen, biogas and biomethane, the development of electricity markets, the outlook for pipeline gas and LNG trade in decarbonisation scenarios, the integration of renewables and the regulatory changes needed in a decarbonised energy system.

Reports and Papers on these topics and others on energy transition issues that have been covered in the existing OIES Programmes can be found here but will also be found under the All Programme Published Research button above, co-branded with other Programmes as appropriate.

If you would like any information on the OIES Energy Transition Initiative please contact James Henderson (Director, Energy Transition Research). Alternatively, for information on the Research Modules detailed above, please contact the research leaders directly.

Latest Publications from the Energy Transition Research Initiative