Electricity Research Programme

The OIES Electricity Research Programme was established in 2015. The Programme seeks to inform public and private sector decision-making by improving understanding of the electricity supply chain. The Programme studies the role of public policy, regulation, and markets to support the energy transition, along with implications for end-users, companies and their business strategies.

Research is broadly categorised into three main themes:

  • market design, renewable integration and electricity networks;
  • electricity pricing, electricity access and energy sector fiscal policy;
  • decarbonisation of heat and transport and implications for the electricity sector

The Programme’s analysis of the wider implications of electricity sector developments on the energy transition is strengthened by the Institute’s expertise in fossil fuel markets and energy policies across the world. Programme research examines these three main research themes and issues as they apply to different regions; past research has included Europe, Latin America, the US, Africa, non-OECD Asia and the MENA.

The Programme’s research is disseminated via dedicated research Papers, Insights and Comments published by OIES researchers and external contributing expert authors, as well as Podcasts on topical issues relating to the electricity industry.

The Programme holds an annual research meeting with Sponsors, and an annual Electricity Day, at which topical themes and new ideas are debated by an invited group of experts, OIES researchers and programme Sponsors.

The Electricity Programme also contributes to joint workshops with the Institute’s other two research programmes, based on synergies between research themes.

The Programme welcomes expressions of research interest from academics, researchers and experts; please write to Rahmat Poudineh for further information.

The Programme organises a series of high-level events and  meetings every year to discuss its research in relation to topical policy issues. For information on these and on joining the Programme’s group of Sponsors, please contact Anupama Sen.

The Programme is grateful to its existing Sponsors for their support, without which its research would not be possible.

Programme Sponsors

Enel Foundation
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (Norway)
National Grid
Swedish Energy Agency

Latest Publications from the Electricity Research Programme

Latest Ongoing Research from the Electricity Research Programme

  • The role of CCUS in the energy system of the future

    CCUS has been under discussion for over twenty years as a way of combating climate change but progress to date has been limited.  However, there has recently been a significant renewal of interest in the technology in the light of the adoption of net zero emissions targets, along with a new emphasis – not just on […]

    By: Malcolm Keay

  • PolyGrid 2050: Cross-sectoral coordination of energy infrastructures in a climate-neutral economy

    The need to coordinate infrastructure from different sectors, i.e. to establish a system-wide energy polygrid, becomes increasingly pronounced by the European policy makers due to the expected role of hydrogen in a climate-neutral economy. This project evaluates the ability of governance-, regulation- and market-based cross-sectoral coordination mechanisms, that are presented in the proposals of European […]

    By: Martin Palovic

  • Energy Communities

    This report introduces European legislation on energy communities and then analyzes Spain’s progress in implementing the legislation.  Following the introduction, the report offers an economic framework for assessing the degree to which national legislation on energy communities aligns the incentives of the energy community with the interests of the electricity system and all consumers. In […]

    By: David Robinson