Electricity Programme

Electricity Programme

The OIES Electricity Research Programme was established in 2015. The Programme seeks to inform public and private sector decision-making through improved understanding of the electricity supply chain, drawing on economics and other social sciences. Our analysis of the wider implications of electricity sector developments is strengthened by the Institute’s expertise in fossil fuel markets and energy policies in most regions of the world.


The electricity research programme studies public policy, regulation and markets, along with the implications for end-users, companies and their business strategies.

With that focus, our research concentrates on two broad themes.

  • Access, infrastructure development and efficient use of natural resources; this is especially relevant for developing countries.
  • Decarbonisation and decentralisation; this is initially of greatest relevance for developed countries, but eventually for all countries.

OIES electricity research is disseminated via dedicated research papers published by its core staff as well as by external contributing authors.

OIES is currently expanding its research on electricity and welcomes expressions of interest in its work, including from researchers who would like to contribute.  For further information about the programme or to express an interest in contributing, please write to Rahmat Poudineh, Lead Senior Research Fellow.

Transformation of the Electricity Sector

We have designed a multi-year research project that that will study the worldwide transformation of the electricity sector, with particular emphasis on two trends, decarbonisation and decentralisation.

Research focuses on the role and design of public policy, regulation and markets needed to support the transition, as well as the implications for end-users, companies and their business strategies.

Europe is the main focus of the Project in year one (2017). Going forward, work on Europe will continue, and research streams for other regions will be added including the US, China, India, Latin America and MENA.

We would like to thank the sponsors who have already joined this Project and invite new sponsors to apply to join. We welcome expressions of interest from traditional and new energy companies, market operators, policy makers, energy consumers, transport companies and providers of information technology and finance.

For details on the Project and on how to become a sponsor, please write to Rahmat Poudineh, Lead Senior Research Fellow.

Project Sponsors

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