Hydrogen Research Programme

Developing a Sustainable and Scalable Hydrogen Economy

The Hydrogen Research Programme aims to advance the understanding and implementation of a sustainable hydrogen economy by focusing on critical factors that drive scalability and integration into the global energy system. This includes transitioning from small scale, government-funded projects to large-scale, market-driven initiatives.

Markets and Demand

  • Policy and regulation for market development
  • Sectoral and regional comparative analysis
  • Priority end uses and market segmentation
  • Enabling downstream hydrogen investments


  • Policy and regulatory support mechanisms for infrastructure
  • Business models and investment case studies
  • Contractual models and financing mechanisms
  • Investment in Transport and storage solutions


  • Justifying investments in large-scale production
  • Supply chain integration
  • Exploring how hydrogen production can be integrated into existing and future supply chains
  • Identifying synergies and potential bottlenecks in supply chain logistics






Johnson Matthey






 The Hydrogen Research Programme welcomes expressions of interest from visiting researchers who are experts in and passionate about this research. For further information, please get in touch with Bassam Fattouh.

The Programme acknowledges the kind support provided by its Sponsors, without which this research could not be undertaken.

Latest Publications from the Hydrogen Research Programme

Latest Ongoing Research from the Hydrogen Research Programme

  • Economics and pricing of low-carbon hydrogen

    In this paper, we derive key economic principles for pricing low-carbon hydrogen and use a Pan-European Energy System Optimisation to demonstrate these principles. In particular, using this optimisation model results, the paper examines the statistical properties of emerging pricing for low-carbon hydrogen and its potential coupling with costs and prices of other energy vectors in the context […]

    By: Kong Chyong Axel Pierru

  • Economic Policy and Regulation of Low-carbon Hydrogen: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

    In joint work with an expert from ACER, this paper takes stock of economic policies and regulatory frameworks for natural gas in the US and Europe and answers the following questions. What lessons can we learn from decades of natural gas market regulation? What are the possible market structures for hydrogen in Europe? Should vertical […]

    By: Kong Chyong

  • Hydrogen Pathways to Decarbonising European Ammonia: Policy Impacts and Economic Modelling

    This research paper investigates the impact of main economic policy instruments on scaling up low-carbon hydrogen to decarbonise Europe’s ammonia production. It investigates and models the impact of carbon pricing, production subsidies, and carbon intensity standards on European ammonia production. It leverages and updates the existing stochastic economic model (Chyong et al., 2024) of ammonia […]

    By: Kong Chyong Abdurahman Alsulaiman