The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies specialises in advanced research into the economics and politics of international energy

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies specialises in advanced research into the economics and politics of international energy

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Robert Mabro

We are sad to announce that Robert Mabro, the founder of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, has died. Robert founded the Oxford Energy Policy Club in 1976, the Oxford Energy Seminar in 1979 and the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies in 1982.

The fact that these institutions still thrive today is testament to his strong leadership, deep vision, sheer determination, great intellectual ability and not least his extraordinary bonhomie. Over his long career, Robert enriched our understanding of energy markets, the behaviour of the various players, the dynamics within OPEC, and the interaction between governments and oil companies. With his writing and through the various institutions he created, he persistently tried to bring producers and consumers closer together, despite his recognition of the challenges involved and the wide divergence of interests.

He was an intellectual, a diplomat, the interlocutor, the friend, and above all, the generous intellectual and thinker whose deep insights and intellectual integrity will keep shaping and influencing our ideas.

He built a truly remarkable and dynamic institution in OIES; it provides a unique atmosphere for reflection and an arena for the rare opportunity to engage in honest intellectual debate. He leaves behind a legacy of iconic accomplishments in the field and an emptiness in the hearts of all those who came to know him, and who, invariably, admired and loved him.

He will be dearly missed and we are privileged to carry on his legacy.


Founded in 1982, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a Recognized Independent Centre of the University of Oxford.

The Institute’s multidisciplinary expertise in oil, natural gas and electricity, allows it to carry out unique analysis of current energy issues across production, consumption, markets and policy. Its research spans the supply and demand dynamics of global, regional and domestic energy markets; the key factors shaping energy policy in developed, developing and resource-rich countries and their interaction with other agendas, such as energy security, climate change, energy sector reform; and the structure of energy markets and their evolution.

The Institute’s intellectual independence and high quality research place it firmly at the centre of the energy debate.Its publications have a global reach and serve a diverse audience that includes consumers, producers, government, industry, academics, media and policy makers. Research output is disseminated through the publication of books, research papers, and comments as well as high quality workshops and direct interaction with governments, industry, policymakers and academics.

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