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New – COP27 Podcast Series #7: Post Meeting Update

Gas Research Programme

New OIES Podcast: International Gas Contracts

Electricity Research Programme

New Oxford Energy Forum – The Future of Energy Networks in a Decarbonized World – Issue 134

Oil Research Programme

New OIES Presentation – Short-Term Oil Market Outlook: Prospects, Risks and Uncertainty

China Energy Research Programme

New OIES Podcast – Managing the social consequences of the transition away from coal: the case of clean heating in Shanxi Province, China

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a world leading independent energy research institute specialising in advanced research into the economics and geopolitics of the energy transition and international energy across oil, gas and electricity markets

  • Energy Transition Research Initiative

    OIES is developing research modules on topics that are relevant to the energy transition with particular focus on the process and implications of shifting from the existing hydrocarbon-dominated energy economy to a new system in which low-carbon energy sources and abated use of hydrocarbons will play a much greater role.

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  • Gas Research Programme

    The Gas Programme, launched in 2003, has become one of the foremost sources of independent academic research on gaseous fuels and their role in the energy economy. The programme has historically focused on natural gas, and while this remains a core strength it is increasingly also turning its attention to...

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  • Electricity Research Programme

    The OIES Electricity Research Programme was established in 2015. The Programme seeks to inform public and private sector decision-making by improving understanding of the electricity supply chain. The Programme studies the role of public policy, regulation, and markets to support the energy transition, along with implications for end-users, companies and...

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  • Oil Research Programme

    The Oil Research Programme of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies was established in 2009. It is dedicated to the advanced study of contemporary oil markets, production, consumption and policy. With a historical focus on the resource-rich economies of the Middle East, research on the Programme has expanded to include...

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  • China Energy Research Programme

    Launched in 2019 the OIES China Energy Research Programme, is a center of analytical excellence offering insights into the factors that inform China’s energy policies and choices and their pivotal role in global energy markets. China is the world’s second largest economy, biggest importer of crude oil, the fastest growing...

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Latest Research Papers

This paper offers an overview and explanation of international gas contracts, of which there are several types along the value chain. The key objective of this paper is to focus on two specific categories of long-term agreements for gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) sales, namely Gas Supply Agreements for pipeline gas (GSAs) and Sale and Purchase Agreements for LNG...

Latest Energy Insights

Carbon-neutral LNG has become progressively limited to a relatively small number of trades in Asia and cannot be considered a credible or relevant environmental standard. Cargos should be `greenhouse gas verified’ and should set out the methodologies used to measure, report, and verify emissions. These methodologies should distinguish between assumptions and models for estimating emissions, and empirical measurement of emissions....

Latest Energy Comments

The 20th National Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started on 16 October 2022, with President Xi Jinping delivering the Party’s work report and ending with the unveiling of the new line-up of the seven-member Politburo Standing Committee and other top Party leadership bodies. Not only was Xi Jinping appointed for an unprecedented third term in office, promoting...

Latest Oxford Energy Forum

This issue of the Oxford Energy Forum (OEF) is dedicated to the future of energy networks in a decarbonised world. The net-zero carbon target will result in a significant change in energy systems with important implications for existing energy networks. Electricity networks are going to bear the brunt of energy sector transformation because of their role in the decarbonization of...

Latest Podcasts

The COP27 conference was held in Sharm El Sheikh in November 2022, and although expectations going into the event were tempered by geopolitics and the energy crisis there was hope for movement on a number of key issues. David Ledesma discusses the main conclusions of the conference with James Henderson, who was one of the OIES team who attended the...

Latest Oil Monthly

The new issue of OIES Oil Monthly, including our latest short-term oil market outlook to 2023, is now available. - The oil market outlook continues to be shaped by opposing factors. On the macro front, the growth prospects of the global economy continue to deteriorate and optimism that China will alter its zero-COVID policy and stimulate its economy proved to...

Latest Quarterly Gas Review

The second quarter of 2022 has been a dramatic one for the European gas market. On the supply side, relatively modest increases in European production and pipeline imports from Norway and Azerbaijan have been overshadowed by two significant shifts: the decline in pipeline flows from Russia and the high level of LNG, both of which are continuations of trends seen...

The Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2022

China is the world’s leading emitter of heat-trapping gases by a wide margin. Its policies for limiting emissions will have a significant impact on the global climate for decades to come.

This Guide to Chinese Climate Policy provides information on China’s emissions, the impacts of climate change in China, the history of China’s climate change policies and China’s response to climate change today.

Visit the website to download the Guide

OIES Workshop

Short-Term Oil Market Prospects and Risks

Date: 2 December 2022

The day will consist of three sessions:

Global Oil Demand: Is oil demand heading for back-to-back shocks?

Global Oil Supply: Are policy and external factors taking over oil supply?

Shifts in Trade Flows: How are transformations in trade flows impacting refining?

For more information please contact Kate Teasdale