Gas Research Programme

Developments in the ‘LNG to Power’ market and the growing importance of floating facilities

Oil and the Middle East Research Programme

OPEC+ and Short-Term Oil Market Dynamics

Electricity Research Programme

Market-based allocation and differentiation of access rights to network capacity in distribution grids

China Energy Research Programme

Oxford Energy Podcast – China’s consumption tax: Storm in a teapot – Is China’s economic momentum starting to lose steam?

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a world leading independent energy research institute specialising in advanced research into the economics and politics of international energy across oil, gas and electricity markets.

  • Oil & the Middle East Research Programme

    The Oil and the Middle East Research Programme of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies was established in 2009. It is dedicated to the advanced study of contemporary oil markets, production, consumption and policy. With a historical focus on the resource-rich economies of the Middle East, research on the Programme...

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  • Gas Research Programme

    The Gas Programme, launched in 2003, has become one of the foremost sources of independent academic research on gaseous fuels and their role in the energy economy. The programme has historically focused on natural gas, and while this remains a core strength it is increasingly also turning its attention to...

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  • Electricity Research Programme

    The OIES Electricity Research Programme was established in 2015. The Programme seeks to inform public and private sector decision-making by improving understanding of the electricity supply chain. The Programme studies the role of public policy, regulation, and markets to support the energy transition, along with implications for end-users, companies and...

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  • China Energy Research Programme

    Launched in 2019 the OIES China Energy Research Programme, is a center of analytical excellence offering insights into the factors that inform China’s energy policies and choices and their pivotal role in global energy markets. China is the world’s second largest economy, biggest importer of crude oil, the fastest growing...

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Latest Research Papers

Land-based LNG import terminals were introduced in the 1960s to import LNG from the first liquefaction plants in Algeria and the USA and dispatch gas into national distribution grids.  Since then, some 150 LNG import terminals have been built around the world. In the last 20 years there has been a growth in the number of floating LNG import terminals...

Latest Energy Insights

In addition to diversifying into new sectors, oil and gas exporters could pursue policies to increase the resilience of their core energy sector in a world transitioning to net-zero emissions by competing on reducing emissions. This Energy Insight argues that technologies related to geological storage of CO2 could play a key role in these countries’ near- and longer-term, low-emissions development...

Latest Energy Comments

Ghana could be the first Sub Saharan African country to import LNG with the facilities at Tema, near Accra, being readied to receive cargoes. However, the country already imports pipeline gas from Nigeria, although that supply has been unreliable in the past, and domestic production is growing. Now that the producing fields in the west of the country are connected...

Latest Oxford Energy Forum

This issue of the Oxford Energy Forum is devoted to analysing the recent shifts in oil trade flows and the major developments in pricing benchmarks in Middle East crude and products markets. The region is experiencing a series of dramatic structural changes that are transforming crude and products flows, as well as leading to an increased focus on the price...

Latest Podcasts

In this podcast, David Ledesma talks to Michal Meidan about her latest contribution to the OIES Oil Monthly. They discuss the new Chinese consumption tax on blendstocks and the crackdown on the Shandong teapots, how this will impact crude and product flows in and out of China as well as the balance of power between the majors and the independents....

Latest Presentations

This new OIES presentation looks at the extension of the OPEC+ deal to the end of 2022 and implications on oil markets: Global oil demand has lost some momentum recently, but the fundamentals remain solid where demand is still expected to grow by 5.6 mb/d in 2021 and further 3.3 mb/d in 2022. OPEC+ to unwind the 5.76 mb/d cut...

Latest Oil Monthly

The new issue of OIES Oil Monthly, including our latest short-term oil market outlook, is now available. This month’s featured In Focus piece focuses on China’s crackdown on the Shandong teapots through the imposition of a consumption tax on blendstocks and tighter scrutiny over import quota trading. The In Focus argues that the crackdown bodes well for the state-owned refiners...

OIES Energy Dialectic

Challenges and Prospects for Carbon Pricing

1 July 2021

The new OIES Energy Dialectic series are one-hour conversations between 3-4 panellists to discuss current issues in a timely fashion. They will be virtual meetings with audience participation actively encouraged to both influence and become part of the discussion.

The first in the series will be held on 1 July 2021 on Challenges and Prospects for Carbon Pricing with Alex Barnes (Visiting Research Fellow, OIES), Yan Qin (Lead Analyst, Carbon, Refinitiv & Research Associate, OIES) and Michiel Cornelissen (Chair of Working Party Climate and Efficiency & Chair of Working Party Green Deal, IFIEC).

The Dialectic series is a sponsor only event. If you would like more information, please contact Kate Teasdale

Electricity Day Webinars

The Role of Energy Storage in the Future Decarbonized Electricity System

17 June 2021

The sessions will look critically at the role of storage in decarbonized electricity systems; at the value it offers throughout the electricity value chain; and, at how markets, regulation and policy can best be designed to realize this value – in different countries and contexts.

There will be two webinars.

For more information please contact Kate Teasdale

Electricity Day Webinars

Webinar 1

17 June 2021

Value and Markets

Speakers: Chris Llewellyn Smith (University of Oxford), Nicola Rossi (Enel Green Power) and Anna MacDonald (Aurora Energy Research)

Webinar 2

17 June 2021

Policy and Regulation

Paul Dodds (University College London), Yayoi Sekine (BloombergNEF) and Malcolm Keay (OIES)

For more information please contact Kate Teasdale