The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies was founded in 1982 as an autonomous centre for advanced energy research, from a social science perspective. The Institute’s research is structured around the study of energy policy, markets, production and consumption across its three main research programmes: oil, natural gas and electricity. The Institute’s strong regional expertise within and across these programmes is reflected in its membership, in the composition of its research team which is drawn from different national, academic and professional backgrounds, and in its network of collaborative links with researchers and organisations worldwide. The Institute’s aim is to produce rigorous and objective research on issues of academic and international significance, leading to a coherent and balanced understanding of international energy markets.

The Institute is registered in England as a company limited by guarantee (without share capital) No. 1676971. It is also a registered charity (No. 286084) that operates as a non-profit educational organisation. It is conceived as an association of various Members, who may be divided into two groups. On the one hand are the University of Oxford and three of its colleges; on the other hand is a selection of governments, public institutions, international and regional organisations from oil-producing and oil-consuming countries. With the exception of the University and its colleges, each Member has made a financial contribution to the endowment that provides for the long-term security of the Institute.

Our most recent OIES Annual Report 2014  is available for download.

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