About Us

We are a world leading independent and autonomous energy research institute. Through our multi-disciplinary expertise we produce high quality, independent research. We publish unique analysis of topical energy issues concerning production, consumption, markets, policy, regulation and the energy transition across the entire global energy economy.

Our research is structured across:

Our rigorous and independent research on issues of academic and international significance, places us firmly at the centre of the energy debate and contributes to a more coherent and balanced global understanding of the energy transition, decarbonization paths, and international energy markets and issues. Our publications are read worldwide and serve a diverse audience that includes consumers, producers, government, industry, academics, media and policy makers. We publish the results of our research as books, research papers, and comments. We produce a podcast series based on our research publications. We participate in high quality workshops and present at major international conferences.  Our expertise and advice is frequently called on in direct interactions with governments, industry, policymakers, regulators and academics.

The Institute is registered in England as a company limited by guarantee (without share capital) No. 1676971.
It is also a registered charity (No. 286084) regulated by the Charity Commission.