Decarbonization Strategies in the Downstream Oil & Gas Sector: A comprehensive review of carbon mitigation techniques, international benchmarking, and economic impact modelling

This research project addresses the imperative for the oil and gas industry to reduce carbon emissions in alignment with global climate goals. Focusing specifically on the downstream sector, encompassing refining, distribution, and sales, the research explores various carbon mitigation techniques, international approaches, and the economic impact of decarbonization. The proposed hypothesis suggests that a combination of stringent regulations, economic incentives, and innovative technologies can expedite decarbonization, with economic outcomes varying based on regional contexts.

The research’s overarching objective is to comprehensively review and analyze existing decarbonization strategies, such as conducting international benchmarking, assessing technological advancements, analyzing policy landscapes and economic impacts, and formulating actionable recommendations for stakeholders.

By: Gustavo Castro Ribeiro


Energy Transition