OIES Podcast – Quarterly Gas Review

In this latest OIES podcast, from the Gas Programme, James Henderson talks to Anouk Honore and Jack Sharples about their contributions to the latest Gas Quarterly, published in early April 2024. They discuss the evolution of gas prices over the winter of 2023/24 and the key factors driving a relatively benign market outcome. Relatively soft demand, caused by warm weather and slow economic growth, more than offset the impact of a number of geopolitical events that might otherwise have caused significant price spikes. In particular, we examine the demand trends in Europe and discuss whether there is any expectation of a rebound in 2024, while also considering demand in Asia and the outlook for both pipeline and LNG supplies in the coming 12 months. We also look at the level of storage in Europe and the prospects for the summer injection season, while considering the implications of a potential end to gas transit through Ukraine as its contract with Russia expires at the end of December 2024.


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