OIES Podcast – The Winter Outlook for Gas Markets

In this latest OIES podcast, brought to you by the Gas Programme, James Henderson talks to Mike Fulwood, Anouk Honore and Jack Sharples about their latest Energy Insight on the prospects for the gas market over the next 4-6 months. After an initial review of current price trends, the podcast then covers flows of pipeline gas and LNG to Europe, with a particular focus on imports from Norway and LNG send out volumes, before discussing global LNG supply and the prospects for LNG demand in Asia. We then look in some detail at demand in Europe, covering the power, industrial and residential & commercial sectors and considering the key trends for 2024. The discussion then turns to the current state of storage in Europe and reviews some scenarios for winter 2023/34. Considering where stock levels cold reach by the end of March next year and the consequences for gas prices through 2024. We end with some thoughts on the key risks to our base case scenario and the overall conclusion that although the global gas market is relatively calm for now, it remains on a knife edge and leaves no room for complacency.


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Asia , Demand , Europe , Gas , LNG , Storage

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