Oxford Energy Podcast – Methane Emissions from Natural Gas and LNG Imports an increasingly urgent issue for the future of gas in Europe

Pressure is mounting on the natural gas and LNG community to reduce methane emissions and this is most urgent in EU countries following the adoption of much tougher greenhouse gas reduction targets of 2030 and the publication of the European Commission’s Methane Strategy. With declining rapidly declining indigenous EU production and therefore rising import dependence, there are increasing calls for emissions from imported pipeline gas and LNG to be quantified and based on actual measurements, as opposed to standard emission factors. The Methane Strategy promises to be a significant milestone in that process. In this Podcast Professor Jonathan Stern discusses with David Ledesma that companies which are supplying (or intending to supply) natural gas to the EU – the largest global import market for pipeline gas and a very significant market for LNG – would be well advised to pay close attention to how the regulation of methane emissions is unfolding, and to make an immediate and positive response.


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