Oxford Energy Podcast – Does Ghana Need LNG?

The floating regasification unit (FRU) arrived at Tema port, Ghana, on May 26 2021 and this unit, in conjunction with the dedicated storage vessel new-build 180,000 m3 Vasant 1, heralds the start of LNG imports into Ghana. In this podcast David Ledesma discusses with Mike Fulwood the Ghana and West African gas market, imports into Ghana from the West Africa Gas Pipeline and potential LNG imports into the region.  The discussion also addresses several uncertainties on LNG imports – Could gas demand be weaker than expected? Could domestic production growth be stronger than anticipated? Will piped gas imports from Nigeria, still in force majeure, start up again and can LNG imports be economic? In conclusion Mike Fulwood suggests a range of LNG volumes needed in Ghana over the next 5 years from almost no cargoes to possibly 10 to 15 cargoes a year – up to 1 mtpa.


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