OIES Podcast – What next for US LNG?

In this latest OIES podcast, brought to you by the Gas Programme, James Henderson talks to Mike Fulwood and Jack Sharples about the recent decision by the US government to pause the approval of new LNG export contracts to non-FTA countries. This decision has taken the gas market by surprise as it implies the delay of new LNG export projects that do not already have approval. In the podcast we discuss the drivers behind the US decision, ask how long the pause may last, outline the likely projects that will be affected and the potential consequences for US LNG export volumes. We also assess the reaction of consumers in Europe and Asia, and consider what the decision could mean for perception of security of supply and the long-term role of gas in the energy transition. In addition, we put the role of US LNG in context in the European market in particular and discuss the short- and medium-term implications for gas trade, given the other pressures resulting from military action in the Red Sea and the drought-related reduction of shipping through the Panama Canal.


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