OIES Podcast – The geopolitics of energy and China part 3: why China matters for critical minerals.

In this third episode on the geopolitics of energy and China, Anders Hove discusses China’s dominance in critical materials with Patrick Schröder, Henry Sanderson and Philip Andrews-Speed.  They ask why China matters for the mining and processing of critical minerals used in new energy supply chains, how China has established itself as a key player and what this dominance could look like going forward. The podcast also touches on European and North American responses to market concentration in China and the trade-offs associated with green industrial policies around the world.

This podcast builds on contributions to the Oxford Energy Forum on the geopolitics of energy and China, published in August 2023. Patrick Schröder, Senior Research Fellow, Environment and Society Programme, Chatham House, is the author of the article ‘Europe’s Policy Responses to China’s Dominance of New Energy Supply Chains’; Henry Sanderson, Executive Editor, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence is the author of: ‘What Counts as De-Risking? The Geopolitics of Energy and China’; and Philip Andrews-Speed, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute wrote about ‘Critical Minerals for the Low-Carbon Energy Transition: Why China Matters.’ All three articles are available Oxford Energy Forum on our website.


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