OIES Podcast – The geopolitics of energy and China episode 1: Chinese renewable energy manufacturers’ market dilemmas

In this podcast Anders Hove talks with Herbert Crowther about the role of Chinese clean energy firms in the new geopolitics of energy and the dilemmas they face.

Crowther, a 2023 Schwarzman Scholar and an analyst with Eurasia group, discusses the uncertainties facing Chinese renewable manufacturers: While they are set to retain an “unavoidable presence” in global supply chains, they are facing growing political risk when investing abroad. Anders and Herbert discuss the dilemmas they face as well as these firms’ strategies in China and abroad. While Chinese firms are likely to remain dominant in terms of market share, they are increasingly investing abroad, which Crowther argues will likely entail some technology transfer to countries outside of China where they invest, as well as efforts to develop local supply chains and skilled worker bases—ultimately benefiting the energy transition. This podcast is the first in a series on China and the geopolitics of energy. Crowther’s article, ‘Market dilemmas and strategic balancing acts: Chinese renewable manufacturers in an era of geopolitical competition,’ is available here and in the Oxford Energy Forum Issue 137 on our website.


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