OIES Podcast – Key Energy Themes for 2024

In this latest OIES podcast James Henderson talks to Bill Farren-Price, the new Head of the Gas Programme, about some of Key Themes identified by OIES research fellows for 2024. After a review of the outcomes from 2023, we look at the oil and gas markets and discuss a common theme around the contrast between the fundamental tightness in both markets compared with the relative softness of prices. We then move onto a number of energy transition issues, starting with some of the key actions from COP28 that need to be implemented in 2024 and following with a review of the outlook for carbon markets, hydrogen developments and offshore wind. We also consider the impact of emerging competition between regions over green industrial policy. Finally, we consider some of the key geopolitical drivers for 2024, with the influence of China being the most critical. However, in an election year for so many countries it will be critical to follow the key policy announcements of the main candidates and, of most critically, the outcome of the US election in November.


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