OIES Podcast – Hydrogen pipelines vs. HVDC lines

In this podcast David Ledesma talks to Aliaksei Patonia and Veronika Lenivova about Hydrogen pipelines and high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines and how Hydrogen pipelines offer the advantage of transporting larger energy volumes, but existing projects are dwarfed by the vast networks of HVDC transmission lines. The podcast discusses how advocates for hydrogen pipelines see potential in expanding these networks, capitalizing on hydrogen’s physical similarities to natural gas and the potential for cost savings. However, hydrogen’s unique characteristics, such as its small molecular size and compression requirements, present construction challenges. On the other hand, HVDC lines, while less voluminous, excel in efficiently transmitting green electrons over long distances. They already form an extensive global network, and their efficiency makes them suitable for various applications. Yet, intermittent renewable energy sources pose challenges for both hydrogen and electricity systems, necessitating solutions like storage and blending.


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