Green Hydrogen Imports into Europe: An Assessment of Potential Sources

This paper compares the potential of three countries Morocco, Chile, and Australia to export green
hydrogen to the European Union (EU). The three countries are ranked relative to each other based on
ten indicators:
• The estimated levelized cost of green hydrogen delivery over time
• The status of development of hydrogen projects
• Expectations for domestic demand for hydrogen
• The status of the renewable electricity sector
• Collaboration with EU countries and institutions
• Collaboration with non-EU countries and institutions
• The availability of maritime infrastructure
• Chemical handling and export capability
• The general business environment
• Political risks
Based on these indicators, the paper shows that Morocco, Chile, and Australia boast high-potential
options for hydrogen exports to the EU, whether in combination or individually. The paper also shows
that these three countries have complementary weaknesses and strengths. This paper also details the
different financing sources and mechanisms which are likely to fund the development of the green
hydrogen production sector in each of these countries.

By: Rida Rikabi