Oxford Energy Podcast – COP26 and China

In this OIES podcast James Henderson, Director of the OIES Energy Transition Research Initiative, talks with Michal Meidan, Director of the Gas and China Energy Research Programmes at OIES, about China’s environmental policies and the country’s position ahead of COP26. Michal discusses China’s history of environmental diplomacy and addresses the somewhat ambiguous position the country has at present. On the one hand it has set a net zero emissions target, is aiming to be a leader on environmental issue and sees itself as a champion of the needs of developing countries. However, on the other it is the world’s biggest emitter of GHG’s, has an energy economy still based around coal and is embroiled in a trade dispute with the US which could derail the climate negotiations. In light of this, the podcast aims to provide a balanced view of China’s ambitions at COP26 and the likelihood of it achieving its goals. The podcast reflects the views outlined in Michal’s article published in the most recent Oxford Energy Forum entitled “COP26 – Examining the Balance between Ambitious Pledges and Realistic Expectations.”


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