OIES Podcast – Nuclear Energy in the Global Energy Landscape

In this latest OIES podcast, from the Energy Transition Programme, James Henderson talks to Sara Vakhshouri about the new edition of the Oxford Energy Forum which includes a series of essays on the role of nuclear power in the energy transition. We discuss some of the key issues in the nuclear fuel cycle, including the dominance of Russia and China in many aspects of mining, fuel production and nuclear technology export and consider the efforts being made to diversify away from dependence on Russia in particular since the start of the war in Ukraine. The development of small modular reactors, the issue of fuel waste disposal, the emerging role of nuclear in a number of developing countries and the boost to nuclear provided by COP 28 are all reviewed, and Sara also summarises her essay on the intersection between nuclear energy and medicine and underlines how dependent the world is on Russia for the supply of critical isotopes used in many medical practices.


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