OIES Podcast – Key issues ahead of COP28

In this OIES podcast, Michal Meidan talks to James Henderson and Anders Hove about the upcoming COP in Dubai, which is taking place from 30 November to 12 December. James discusses some of the key themes that will dominate the conversation at COP 28, which he also highlighted in his latest comment including the Global Stocktake (GST), the future of hydrocarbons and the phasing out of unabated fossil fuels, decarbonisation technologies and funding. Anders highlights China’s position in the upcoming COP, in relation to the GST, loss and damages as well as hydrocarbons. He discusses the successes that China will bring to the table, related to its vast additions of renewables which are set to exceed the country’s 2030 pledge, but also the challenges associated with the coal build out. Anders and James also discuss methane emissions, multilateral efforts and the impact of geopolitics as well as of the thaw in US-China relations on COP 28.


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