OIES Podcast – LNG market development and greenhouse gas emissions

In this latest OIES podcast, brought to you by the Gas Research Programme, James Henderson talks to Jonathan Stern about three important gatherings that have taken place over the summer which have interesting implications for the gas industry. The first was the G7 meeting in Tokyo in May, then second was the LNG23 conference in Vancouver in early July and the third was the LNG consumer-producer conference in Japan in mid-July. We discuss the potential consequences of the language included in the final G7 communique which referenced the need to support investment in the LNG industry and assess whether it will have any real influence on companies in the sector. Then we review the LNG23 conference, where the outlook for LNG among participants was hugely positive but where industry perception may well have run ahead of reality, especially when it comes to gas’s role in the energy transition. Finally, the producer-consumer dialogue considered the longer-term role of gas and announced a coalition for LNG emissions abatement, although in the discussion we question whether this is anything more than a statement of hope rather than an expectation of real action.