Founded in 1982, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a Recognized Independent Centre of the University of Oxford.

Its unique multidisciplinary expertise allows it to examine the economics, the politics and the sociology of energy with a focus on oil and natural gas. Its research spans the international relations between producers and consumers of energy; the economic development of producing nations and the geo-political aspects of all these issues alongside the economics and politics of the environment in relation to energy, including climate change. The Institute’s intellectual independence places it firmly at the centre of the dialogue between consumers and producers, government and industry, academics and policy makers. The Institute serves a worldwide audience with its research and continues to inform understanding of all major energy issues today.

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Latest Publications

Reforming Electricity Reforms? Empirical Evidence from Asian Economies

Published: 5th February 2016
By: , Rabrindra Nepal, Tooraj Jamasb

After more than two decades of attempts at electricity sector reform, there is a strong case for assessing empirical evidence on its outcomes, particularly for developing countries. Electricity reform programmes, implemented through the ‘standard’ or ‘textbook’ model, have their foundations in standard microeconomic theory and are based on the rationale that restructuring towards greater competition […]

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Gazprom – Is 2016 the Year for a Change of Pricing Strategy in Europe?

Published: 20th January 2016

Gazprom’s pivot to Asia has stalled and it must now continue to focus on Europe as its key export market. However, stagnant demand and increasing availability of LNG supply are set to put the company’s market share under pressure from 2016. To date Gazprom has responded to competitive threats by making reactive adjustments to its […]

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Under the Mountains – Kurdish Oil and Regional Politics

Published: 18th January 2016

The development of major oil and gas reserves in the autonomous Kurdish Region of Iraq (KRI) is a recent phenomenon which has attracted major media and industry interest. It represents the rare case, in recent history, of the discovery of a large new onshore conventional petroleum province. The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG)’s formulation of its […]

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Electricity markets are broken – can they be fixed?

Published: 12th January 2016

This paper argues that electricity markets in Europe are broken. The increasing penetration of subsidised, zero marginal cost, intermittent generation has distorted prices to the extent that they can no longer give effective signals for investment or operation. The problem is increasingly being recognised but there is no consensus on the solution. The paper considers […]

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Fiscal Stabilization in Oil and Gas Contracts – Evidence and Implications

Published: 7th January 2016
By: , Carole Nakhle

The objective of this paper is to analyse how contractual stabilization devices have evolved since the late 1990s, based on a survey of 20 countries and a review of the literature and evidence on stabilization clauses. Although fiscal stability is a commonly cited attribute of a desirable upstream petroleum regime, one of the commonly observed […]

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Oxford Energy Forum – Special Issue, 103

Published: 16th December 2015

Energy trading in Europe is on the verge of a fundamental transformation. The implementation of a host of new regulations: the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR),
the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR), the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR), and the Capital Requirements Directive IV […]

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Has the North Sea entered a late-life crisis?

Published: 11th December 2015
By: , Maarten van Mourik, Amrita Sen

Each oil price crash has brought with it talks of decommissioning, and of bringing down the curtain on North Sea production once and for all. Despite this grim outlook, caution must be taken not to tarnish the whole region with a single brush. The outlooks for the UK and for Norway differ quite substantially. At […]

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The evolution of European traded gas hubs

Published: 7th December 2015

This paper by Patrick Heather is the third he has written on the development of European traded gas hubs. It is the culmination of extensive field research interviewing a range of market participants from regulators, TSOs, traders and government officials – from Spain to the Baltics, from Britain to the Balkans and many points in […]

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