Founded in 1982, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies is a Recognized Independent Centre of the University of Oxford.

Its unique multidisciplinary expertise allows it to examine the economics, the politics and the sociology of energy with a focus on oil and natural gas. Its research spans the international relations between producers and consumers of energy; the economic development of producing nations and the geo-political aspects of all these issues alongside the economics and politics of the environment in relation to energy, including climate change. The Institute’s intellectual independence places it firmly at the centre of the dialogue between consumers and producers, government and industry, academics and policy makers. The Institute serves a worldwide audience with its research and continues to inform understanding of all major energy issues today.

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Gasoline and Diesel Pricing Reforms in BRIC Countries – A Comparison of Policy and Outcomes

Published: 26th January 2015
By: , Carolina Santos de Oliveira, Anupama Sen

Recent changes in international oil prices have highlighted the issue of petroleum product pricing reforms in a number of non-OECD economies, particularly as the non-OECD now accounts for the bulk of the global growth in consumption of petroleum products. In 2014, oil demand from the non-OECD is predicted to overtake OECD oil demand for the […]

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OIES No. 1 Energy and Resource Think Tank 2014

Published: 23rd January 2015

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies has, for the second year running, been named the top Energy and Resource Think Tank in the world by the University of Pennsylvania’s annual think tank report. The Global Go To Think Tank Index is designed to identify and recognise centres of excellence in all major areas of public policy […]

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Does the cancellation of South Stream signal a fundamental reorientation of Russian gas export policy?

Published: 21st January 2015
By: , Simon Pirani, Katja Yafimava

The cancellation of the South Stream gas pipeline across the Black Sea may signal a fundamental reorientation of Russian gas export policy. Its replacement by similar pipelines direct to Turkey, and the abandonment of Gazprom’s long time strategy of supplying gas directly to European customers, comes in the wake of financial sanctions and an inability […]

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Decarbonizing China’s power system with wind power – the past and the future

Published: 19th January 2015

Wind power in China has experienced significant growth since the beginning of this century. Total installed capacity has increased almost 300 fold – from 346 MW in 2000 to 91,413 MW in 2013. This rapid development however has created new set of challenges. In particular, wind power has not been fully integrated into the electricity […]

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Oxford Energy Forum – Issue, 98

Published: 12th January 2015

Latin America is once again on the radar of the international and regional oil and gas industry, service companies, and policy makers. Secular changes in the petroleum investment risk profile of major oil and gas hubs such as Russia, North Africa, West Africa, and the Middle East, limited access to acreage in the traditional producing […]

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Current Oil Market Dynamics and the Role of OPEC – Reflections on Robert Mabro’s Work

Published: 9th January 2015

The Arab Energy Club organised a special session in Bahrain to celebrate and honour the work of Robert Mabro, the founder and former Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, and to look back at his lifetime contribution to the analysis of oil markets and his efforts to bring together the various stakeholders in […]

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China’s Coal Market – Can Beijing Tame ‘King Coal’?

Published: 9th December 2014

Since 2009, China has turned from a net coal exporter to a net importer, and by a large margin. In 2013, the country accounted for almost a quarter of global steam coal imports. This shift has had a tremendous impact on global trade and prices. China has become a price setter for steam coal after […]

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The Commercial and Political Logic for the Altai Pipeline

Published: 5th December 2014

During President Putin’s visit to Beijing in November 2014 Gazprom and CNPC signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the export of gas to China via the so-called “western route” via the Russian republic of Altai. The announcement was hailed by Russia as another example of its shift towards Asia as a diversification of its traditional […]

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