Chinese Cities’ Hydrogen Development Strategies: How do these align with and support China’s 2030-2060 Climate Goals

This research paper analyses the outlook for hydrogen development from a local perspective: In the absence of a national guiding framework on hydrogen development, as localities take the lead, this paper will explore the local drivers of hydrogen development. Currently, cities are looking at different pathways to develop a hydrogen industry based on their local conditions. In order to understand whether cities’ routes of development will contribute to China’s 2030 and 2060 (carbon peaking and carbon neutrality) goals, it is important to look at the sources of hydrogen production and business models deployed locally. The paper will look at three case studies of cities deploying gas, renewables, and coal and analyse the policy choices made based on the local natural resources endowment, industrial structures and infrastructure availability. Lastly, the paper will conclude whether the three cities’ pathways of hydrogen development will support China’s ambitious climate goals.

By: Arabella Miller-Wang


China Energy Programme