Oxford Energy Podcast – Saudi Aramco’s Perspectives on Hydrogen: Opportunities and Challenges

As the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals company, Saudi Aramco continues to invest in technologies and innovative business models to enable the sustainable use of hydrocarbon resources across the value chain.  In this podcast David Ledesma discusses with Yasser Mufti, Vice President Strategy & Market Analysis, Saudi Aramco about Saudi Aramco’s perspectives on hydrogen, its opportunities, and challenges. This wide-ranging interview discusses Saudi Aramco’s investment in new technologies and the sustainable use of its hydrocarbon resources, before addressing the role of hydrogen in achieving a low emissions economy, possible business models and the barriers to achieving hydrogen’s growth. The podcast then moves on to discuss ammonia, carbon capture utilisation and storage, finishing up with a forward-looking perspective on the vision for Saudi Aramco asking how will the company look in 2050 and specifically whether it will still be a hydrocarbon company?