OIES Podcast – The role of permanence in defining quality of removal credits in the voluntary carbon market

In this podcast, David Ledesma talks to Hasan Muslemani about his latest publication in the Oxford Energy Forum (Issue 132) entitled ‘To buy or to rent: How the big real estate question became relevant in the carbon removals market’. Hasan discusses an important distinction between ‘removal’ and ‘avoidance’ credits in the market, and another amongst removal credits themselves being either nature-based or tech-based. The author specifically raises the issue of permanence and its role in defining quality in the carbon removals space, reflecting on an accounting methodology – tonne-year accounting – which has been suggested as a means of measuring the benefits of removal solutions which exhibit different permanence levels. Finally, he discusses how temporary or short-term storage solutions can help mitigate climate change in the long run, highlighting two methods which have been put forward in the literature: vertical and horizontal stacking.


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