OIES Podcast – The Role of CCUS in Decarbonising the Cement Industry

In this latest OIES podcast James Henderson talks to Martin Lambert and Ali Abdelshafy about their recent paper entitled “The Role of CCUS in Decarbonising the Cement Industry: a German case study.” The authors discuss why CCUS is so important in the cement industry, and having outlined the general process of carbon capture and storage and its use in the cement industry they talk in detail about how CO2 is captured in the various parts of the cement manufacturing process. They also review how the CO2 is then transported to various storage points and discuss how the creation of industrial clusters for CCUS can enhance synergy benefits, using the North Rhine Westphalia region of Germany as an important case study. They also consider how common infrastructure can therefore become a critical element of the business model, while also discussing how social and legal issues need to be addressed to ensure the feasibility of any project. Finally, they outline the future plans for further research on this topic, including work on other hard to abate sectors.


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