OIES Podcast – The geopolitics of energy and China, episode 6: Africa and the US

On 8 August 2023, the OIES China Programme published an issue of the Oxford Energy Forum on the geopolitics of energy and China. This podcast is part of a series drawing on the rich OEF contributions. The aim of the Forum was to think about China’s role in the geopolitics of energy – both fossil fuels and new energy supply chains, both from China’s perspective and the view from other regions around the world.

In this two-part episode, the sixth and final in the series, we discuss China’s energy transition and its complex relationship with Africa and then the US. The guest of our first segment is Dan Marks of RUSI, who wrote about ‘The Normalization of Chinese Infrastructure Lending in Africa’. The second segment about the US is with Jane Nakano of CSIS, whose contribution is entitled US-China Relations and the Global Energy Transition. Both are available in the Oxford Energy Forum.


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