OIES Podcast – The EU’s CCUS Strategy

In this latest OIES podcast, produced by the Gas Programme, James Henderson talks to Klaus-Dieter Borchardt about his latest paper “Carbon Capture and Storage: the new driver of the EU decarbonization plan?”, which was published in mid-October 2023. The podcasts starts with a review of the EU’s attitude towards CCUS over the past 5 years, before moving on to discuss the drivers behind a new interest in developing a CCUS strategy and a review of the key sectors where it will be targeted. We look at the key policies and regulations that are being framed, talk about the key infrastructure issues that are being debated and analyse the means of financing that the EU is putting in place. We also consider the role that member states will be expected to play in the development of a regional CCUS plan, and discuss what this means for the EU’s role at COP28 as it looks to recover its position as a leader in the global energy transition.


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