OIES Podcast – Review of COP28

In this latest OIES podcast, brought to you by the Energy Transition Programme, David Ledesma talks to James Henderson about his thoughts ion the outcomes of COP 28. The podcast starts with an overview of the key objectives of the COP before discussing some of the main achievements, debates and disappointments of the event. From the agreement over the Loss & Damage Fund on Day 1 through the increased involvement of oil and gas companies and the future of fossil fuels to the debates about climate finance the conversation ranges across the entire spectrum of the COP agenda. It also includes thoughts on the continued focus on methane emissions, the failure to reach any significant agreements on carbon markets, the debate about the role of the World Bank and the problems with setting goals for adaptation, before finally outlining some of the key challenges ahead and the likely topics for debate at COP 29 in Baku.