OIES Podcast – Renewable Hydrogen Import Routes into the EU

In this podcast David Ledesma talks to Martin Lambert and Abdurahman Alsulaiman, about the potential hydrogen import market, particularly focusing on the EU, which currently holds the largest and earliest hydrogen target. The podcast explores the emerging hydrogen trade market and considers numerous possibilities for its open up providing better clarity on policy statements and balance them against project announcements.

Throughout the podcast, Martin and Abdulrahman delve into various key points – they shed light on the primary areas of focus for projects set to be completed by or before 2030, as well as the distinction between announcements and tangible progress, such as projects currently at the Final Investment Decision stage or under construction.

Additionally, they explore the EU’s role as one of the few countries to have publicly announced its requirements for hydrogen imports and its ambitious hydrogen import target. The EU is currently establishing a benchmark for the future hydrogen market. However, in order for the EU to succeed in establishing future hydrogen supply lines with future trade partners, it will be crucial to engage in open dialogues covering a wide range of topics.

Join us in this podcast as we uncover the potential of the hydrogen import market, with a specific focus on the EU, and discuss the necessary steps for its success.


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