OIES Podcast: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from LNG Trade: from carbon neutral to GHG-verified

In this podcast David Ledesma discusses with Professor Jonathan Stern ‘Carbon-neutral’ LNG. Jonathan Stern argues that ‘Carbon-neutral’ LNG has become progressively limited to a relatively small number of trades in Asia and cannot be considered a credible or relevant environmental standard. Cargos should be ‘greenhouse gas verified’ and should set out the methodologies used to measure, report, and verify emissions. These methodologies should distinguish between assumptions and models for estimating emissions, and empirical measurement of emissions. Measurement and reporting should be subject to verification by technically qualified companies which should have the capability to replicate a sample of emissions from the different assets in the supply chain. If offsets are used to claim GHG neutrality, these should be reported in detail along with the MRV of emissions.