OIES Podcast – Clean Hydrogen Roadmap: Key Themes

In this latest OIES podcast, David Ledesma talks to Martin Lambert, Head of the OIES Hydrogen Programme, about his latest paper “Clean Hydrogen Roadmap: is greater realism leading to more credible paths forward?”, which picks up the key themes from the Programme since it started in April 2022.

As in the paper, the key themes cover how hydrogen has to compete with other decarbonisation alternatives, the importance of government policy, the complex subject of measurement of emissions and the need to consider the end-to-end value chain. The final themes, picking up the most challenging parts of the value chain, highlight the high cost of hydrogen transport, suggesting that it should be used as locally as possible, and the limited work done so far on ways of storing hydrogen at scale. By looking back at key themes so far, the paper and podcast also define a framework for further research to be carried out under the Hydrogen Programme.


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