COP27 Podcast Series – 7: Post Meeting Update

The COP27 conference was held in Sharm El Sheikh in November 2022, and although expectations going into the event were tempered by geopolitics and the energy crisis there was hope for movement on a number of key issues. David Ledesma discusses the main conclusions of the conference with James Henderson, who was one of the OIES team who attended the COP. They discuss the progress, or lack of it, on mitigation issues and review whether the 1.5 degree target it still really alive. They also analyse whether some of the key objectives of African countries and developing nations from the Global South, especially on finance and the formation of a loss & damage fund. The podcast also looks at a number of the other main themes of the conference, which included progress on the Global Methane Pledge, the role of oil and gas companies and exporting countries, the potential for a changing role for the World Bank and the future of US-China relations on environmental issues. James Henderson also looks forward to COP28, due to be held in the UAE in 2023, and discusses the importance of the Global Stocktake, which will take place over the next 12 months.