Executive Summaries


Executive Summary – Economic Diversification in the Context of Peak Oil and the Energy Transition

Executive Summary – OPEC at the Crossroads

Executive Summary – Oil Supply Balances – The Four Cycles of the OPEC Oil Output Policy

Executive Summary – Renewable Auction Design in Theory and Practice – Lessons from the Experiences of Brazil and Mexico

Executive Summary – Electricity Networks – Technology, Future Role and Economic Incentives for Innovation

Executive Summary – Electricity market design for a decarbonised future – An integrated approach

Executive Summary – Methane Emissions – from blind spot to spotlight

Executive Summary – Indias Gas Market Post-COP21

Executive Summary – The Dutch Gas Market

Executive Summary – Does the Portfolio Business Model Spell the End of Long-Term Oil-Indexed LNG Contracts

Russian Oil Production Outlook to 2020 with James Henderson

Executive Summary – Financing renewable electricity in the resource-rich countries of the Middle East and North Africa A reviewExecutive Summary – Towards a Balkan gas hubA region in transition

Executive Summary -Advancing Renewable Energy in Resource-Rich Economies of the MENAExecutive Summary – Achieving a cost-competitive offshore wind power industryExecutive Summary – US climate change policy and the power sector

Executive Summary – Europe’s energy security – caught between short-term needs and long-term goals

OIES Brainstorming Proceedings – 2014

OIES Brainstorming 2014-Executive Summary

Executive Summary – Ukraine’s imports of Russian gas – how a deal might be reached

Executive Summary -The US Shale Revolution and the changes in LPG Trade Dynamics – A Threat to the GCC?

Executive Summary – The Development of Chinese Gas Pricing

Executive Summary – National support for renewable electricity and the single market

Executive Summary – The Future of Australian LNG Exports

Executive Summary – Prospects for Renewable Energy in GCC States

Executive Summary – European gas hubs price correlation

Executive Summary – Kenya-An African oil upstart in transition

Executive Summary – The US Tight Oil Revolution and Its Impact on the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Executive Summary – Reducing European Dependence on Russian Gas

Executive Summary – The Prospects and Challenges for Arctic Oil Development

Executive Summary – The Dynamics of a Liberalised European Gas Market

Executive Summary – China’s Coal Market

Executive Summary -Decarbonizing China’s power system with wind power

Executive Summary – Gasoline and Diesel Pricing reforms in the BRIC Countries

Executive Summary -Electricity supply interruptions – Sectoral interdependencies and the cost of energy not served for the Scottish Economy

Executive Summary – Evolution of gas pipeline regulation in Russia

Executive Summary – Gas Pricing Reform in India

Executive Summary – Key Determinants for the Future of Russian Oil Production and Exports

Executive Summary – Natural Gas in Canada – what are the options going forward

Executive Summary – The International Relations of the Green Economy in the Gulf – Lessons from the UAEs State-led Energy Transition

Executive Summary – The Outlook for Azerbaijani Gas Supplies to Europe

OIES Brainstorming Proceedings 2015

OIES Brainstorming – Executive Summary 2015

Executive Summary – Saudi Arabia Oil Policy

Executive Summary – The Impact of Lower Gas and Oil Prices on Global Gas and LNG Markets

Executive Summary – The Role of Gas in UK Energy Policy

Executive Summary -Gas-to-power market and investment incentive for enhancing generation capacity – an analysis of Ghana’s electricity sector

Executive Summary -The Scissors Effect – How structural trends and government intervention are damaging the major European electricity companies and affecting customers

Executive Summary – Achieving a cost-competitive offshore wind power industry

Executive Summary – The cost of price de-linkages between European gas hubs

Executive Summary – The Political and Commercial Dynamics of Russia’s Gas Export Strategy

Executive Summary – The Dynamics of the Revenue Maximization – Market Share Tarde-off – Saudi Arabia’s Oil Policy in the 2014-2015 Price Fall

Executive Summary – Oil in Uganda – Hard bargaining and complex politics in East Africa

Executive Summary – US Shale Oil Dynamics in a Low Price Environment

Executive Summary – A holistic framework for the study of interdependence between electricity and gas sectors

Executive Summary – India’s Oil Demand – On the Verge of Take-Off

Executive Summary – Asian LNG Demand

OIES Brainstorming Proceedings 2016

Executive Summary – Business model for cross-border interconnections in the Mediterranean basin

Executive Summary – Sustainable electricity pricing for Tanzania

Flexibility-Enabling Contracts in Electricity Markets – EL 21

Executive Summary – Energy Relations between Russia and China – Playing Chess with the Dragon

Oil Price Shocks – A Measure of the Exogenus and Endogenous Supply Shocks of Crude Oil – WPM 68

Thierry Bros joins OIES

Executive Summary – Floating Liquefaction (FLNG)

Executive Summary – The Future of Gas in Decarbonising European Energy Markets – the need for a new approach – NG 116

Issues-Edinburgh 2016

Executive Summary – The OPAL Exemption Decision

Gas-to-Power Supply Chains in Developing Countries – Comparative Case studies of Nigeria and Bagladesh – EL 24

Saudi Arabia-Riyadh on the path of economic and social differention – The next move


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