Energy and the Environment

Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption from 1950


Global fossil fuel consumption in 2000-2009 was running at more than four times the level of 1950-1959. Since fossil fuel consumption, and production, are key causes of global warming, it is generally accepted that reduction of both would be a good thing. And yet policies aimed at reducing consumption, at both national and international level, […]

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Implications of decarbonisation for electricity demand


The focus of electricity decarbonisation to date has largely been on the supply side – substituting low carbon sources like renewables and nuclear for conventional generation.  However, the implications for the electricity demand side are equally fundamental; it is not just that new pricing and metering systems will be needed – the customer will also […]

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The International Relations of the Green Economy in the Gulf


This study will explore how the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states’ political and economic external relations have evolved over the past years in relation to the green economy agenda. With its main emphasis on the energy-related aspects of the green economy, the study will aim to produce a clearer picture of these states’ different types […]

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