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  • OIES Review of Long-Term Energy Supplies

    By: Philip Barnes

    This paper reviews both the potential and likely availability of dl the major forms of commercial energy over the next twenty years. It is based on assessments of potential and feasible patterns of energy supply development on a country-by country basis. These assessments take into account, amongst other elements, the resources available and the extent […]

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  • James Henderson comments on Russian oil output forecasts ahead of OPEC meetings in Bloomberg article @markets https://t.co/d11Loj4iAN

    October 24th

  • Jonathan Stern said that the DG COMP decision is technical and not related to general EU-Russia political problems https://t.co/mShJkjss55

    October 24th

  • ‘Ahead of any meeting, OPEC members talk up own production prospects.I suspect Russia playing same game’ J.Henderson https://t.co/d11LojlTZn

    October 22nd

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