Tag: Gas Demand

  • Gas Supply Changes in Turkey

    By: Gulmira Rzayeva

    The Turkish government is in the process of making significant structural changes in the country’s energy sector in attempts to lessen its dependence on current import and transmission infrastructure capacity which is constrained and cannot meet gas demand in peak periods. It intends to diversify supply sources and gas import types (both pipeline gas and […]

  • The Ukrainian residential gas sector: a market untapped

    By: Piotr Rozwałka , Hannes Tordengren

    Ukraine’s residential and district heating sectors epitomise a well-known set of problems faced in former Soviet countries: outworn infrastructure, heavily subsidised pricing structures and inefficient consumption. This paper seeks to ascertain the potential of reforms that have now begun, focused on bringing prices to import price parity. It provides estimates of the potential gas savings […]

  • Azerbaijan’s gas supply squeeze and the consequences for the Southern Corridor

    By: Simon Pirani

    This paper addresses the gas supply squeeze that has arisen in Azerbaijan. It covers the increase in demand in the domestic market, and Georgia and Turkey, and the unforeseen decline in the legacy state-operated fields, that have combined to produce the problem. It discusses the extent to which the shortage of supply may continue into […]

  • Consumers as players in the Russian gas sector

    By: Simon Pirani

    This energy comment by Simon Pirani is published in conjunction with an paper by James Henderson. The comment and paper evaluate the development of competition in the Russian gas production sector and the impact of the recession and pricing policies on demand for Russian gas in its main markets. While Gazprom has generally been focused […]

  • Central Asian and Caspian Gas Production and the Constraints on Export

    By: Simon Pirani

    There has been a great deal of discussion about the Central Asian and Caspian region’s potential to produce and export gas, and about projects designed to establish new pipeline routes, e.g. to Europe and South Asia. The discovery of the South Yolotan (Galkynysh) field in Turkmenistan, now confirmed as one of the world’s largest, has […]

  • Lessons from the February 2012 European gas “crisis”

    By: James Henderson , Patrick Heather

    In February 2012, during a period of extremely cold weather across Russia and large parts of Europe, Gazprom failed to supply all the gas that was requested from it by its non-CIS customers in countries ranging from Poland in the north to Italy and Greece in the south of Europe. This situation led to concerns […]

  • Natural Gas in the UK: An Industry in Search of a Policy?

    By: John Elkins

    Natural gas plays a central role in the UK (and the world) energy market in the first decade of the 21st century, but is facing the prospect of a decline in its importance as environmental factors combine to reduce the importance of natural gas and the other carbon-based fuels. This will inevitably result in the […]

  • Can Natural Gas Take the Strain?

    By: Philip Barnes

    Whenever an oil crisis occurs one can be sure that calls for the replacement of oil by other sources of energy will receive renewed attention. This is, of course, whoUy admirable and should not have to wait upon crises. The present situation in the Gulf is already giving rise to equally predictable demands for more […]

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