Authors: Robert Mabro,

The 1986 Oil Price Crisis

The papers presented in this book assess the implications of the new era of low oil prices for energy-dependent countries (producers as well as consumers), energy industries, the international economy and the indebtedness of third world countries. The papers, given at the Oxford Energy Seminar in September 1986, reveal the initial reactions of important decision makers in industry and governments, and of eminent experts, to the consequences of the oil price collapse.

A distinctive feature of this book is that it presents diverse views on the same set of issues, the views of parties with different, and often conflicting, interests in the energy world.

Considering the instability which characterises the world petroleum market, and the threat of another oil price crisis, the issues in this book are likely to remain topical for a number of years.


  1. The Oil Industry, Energy Markets and the Price Collapse
  2. OPEC Supply and Pricing Policies
  3. The Oil Price Collapse and Non-OPEC Exporters
  4. Natural Gas and Nuclear Power
  5. The Oil Price Collapse and the Industrialized Oil-consuming Countries
  6. The Price Collapse and the Arab World
  7. The Financial Problems of Developing Countries