Authors: Keun-Wook Paik,


Sino-Russian Oil and Gas Cooperation – The Reality and Implications

China and Russia are giant countries whose recent economic and energy experience could hardly be more different: in the one, unprecedentedly rapid industrialisation has sent its share of world primary energy consumption soaring from 7 to 20 percent since 1985 (overtaking the USA); in the other the collapse of centrally planned industry has reduced its share from 11 to 6 percent during the same period. China has tried to exploit its modest energy endowments sparingly, while forging a world-wide supply structure that prevents it from being deprived of the imports its economy needs. Russia meanwhile has become a major oil and gas exporter, possessing more than 20 percent of the world’s gas reserves, part of which it is eager to sell to China. Inevitably, therefore, energy is at the centre of relations between these two countries.


Chapter 1: The Energy Factor in Sino-Russian Relations

Chapter 2: The Development of the Oil Industry in Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East

Chapter 3: The Development of the Gas Industry in Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East

Chapter 4: The Oil Industry in China

Chapter 5: The Gas Industry in China

Chapter 6: Chinese Oil and Gas Investment in Central Asia

Chapter 7: Sino-Russian Oil and Gas Coooperation since 2000

Chapter 8: Conclusions

About the Author

Keun-Wook Paik is a specialist on Northeast Asia’s oil and gas issues, in particular Sino-Russian oil and gas cooperation, China’s natural gas industry, and DPRK’s offshore oil exploration. Dr Paik is a senior research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and is also an associate fellow, Energy, Environment and Development Programme, Chatham House.

He is the author of Gas and Oil in Northeast Asia: Policies, Projects and Prospects (London: Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1995), and co-author/supervisor of China Natural Gas Report (China OGP, Xinhua News Agency & RIIA, 1998). The study on China’s gas expansion was done in 2004 and the edited version was published by Chatham House in 2005. Dr Paik has contributed well over 35 papers to Energy Policy, Journal of Energy and Development, Geopolitics of Energy, The Pacific Review, Energy Exploration & Exploitation, Oil & Gas Journal, Petroleum Economist, Pipeline and Gas Technology, FT Asia Gas Report, China Daily Business Weekly, China Brief, The World Today, RIIA Briefing papers, and Asia-Pacific Review.

He served as advisor to Sin-Russian Oil and Gas Cooepration Committee, CNPC during March 1998-Decmber 1999 and advisor to Chairman of the Government, Sakha Republic during November 2000-November 2002. He also served as consultant for the establishment of UNDP GTI’s Energy Board and the Energy Expert Council during the first half of 2006.