Authors: Ian Skeet,

Paul Frankel, Common Carrier of Common Sense

Paul Frankel, the oil economist and oil consultant, has been the guru of hundreds of oilmen and women over the past forty years. His writings and teaching had considerable influence on the industry, providing it with a conceptual framework for thinking through its many problems.

The selection of his writings marks the occasion of Paul Frankel’s formal withdrawal from the industry at the age of eighty-five. It traces the development of his thoughts since the appearance of his classic Essentials of Petroleum, published in 1946.

This book includes short papers by Frankel which help the understanding of important oil events which he witnessed and commented upon. It also includes an abridged version of Essentials of Petroleum.

Robert Mabro has written an evaluation of Paul Frankel’s contribution and role which provides an epilogue to this book.


  1. Essentials of Petroleum: A Key to Oil Economics (1946)
  2. How Much Competition Is There? (June 1946)
  3. Oil: Perils and Possibilities (June 1956)
  4. A Turning Point (October 1957)
  5. Topical Problems (November/December 1959)
  6. Topical Problems (September/October 1960)
  7. Topical Problems (September/October 1961)
  8. Oil: The Facts of Life (September 1962)
  9. Topical Problems (July/August 1964)
  10. Public Enterprise (1966)
  11. Topical Problems (May/June 1967)
  12. Essentials Revisited 1968
  13. The Current State of World Oil (September 1968)
  14. New Frontiers (March 1969)
  15. Topical Problems (January/February 1969)
  16. Oil Prices: Causes and Prospects (January 1971)
  17. Note on Current Oil Policies (September 1972)
  18. Note on the Repercussions of Crude Oil Price Increases on Developing Countries (January 1973)
  19. The Oil Industry and Prof. Adelman: A Personal View (September 1973)
  20. International Oil Supply: Notes on Action Now (September 1973)
  21. The Environment and the Centre (November 1973)
  22. Topical Problems (November/December 1973)
  23. Topical Problems (January/February 1974)
  24. Topical Problems: The Value of Crude Oils (November/December 1975)
  25. Topical Problems: Oil Industry Integration: Past, Present and Future (September/October 1978)
  26. Topical Problems: Analysis of Confusion (September/October 1980)
  27. Urge to Merge Brings Benefits and Pitfalls (June 1984)
  28. Topical Problems: Is there a ‘Just Price’ for Oil?
  29. Time to Redefine Market Forces (March 1985)
  30. Postscript (August 1988)