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Authors: Ali Aissaoui,

Algeria, The Political Economy of Oil and Gas

This book focuses on Algeria’s position in the world economy as a major producer of oil and natural gas. The significance of its exports to major European countries. Its overwhelmingly dependence on a single and highly unstable source of income. The volatility of export revenues, the economic development and employment problems which beset the country and its political stability.  All the significant issues that Algeria faces today in relation to the development of its oil and gas industry are addressed. The changes in government policy from centrally planned, to a new liberalisation, where the opening up of the oil sector to investment by international oil companies and privatisation has become the objectives of policy. The emergence, behaviour and role of Sonatrach, the Algerian national oil corporation, are carefully assessed. The study analyses the role of hydrocarbons in shaping the economy and discusses its major problems: external debt, unemployment, macro-economic instability and environmental issues.



  1. Introduction
  2. The Social Economic and Political Context
  3. Oil and Gas from Early Times to Algeria’s Independence
  4. From Condominium to Nationalisation
  5. Changes in Hydrocarbon Policies since Nationalisation
  6. Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Developments
  7. Hydrocarbon Export and Pricing Policies
  8. Sonatrach and the Government
  9. Hydrocarbons and the Economy
  10. Hydrocarbons, Energy and the Environment
  11. Hyrdocarbons Rents and Beyond

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