The role of CCUS in the energy system of the future

CCUS has been under discussion for over twenty years as a way of combating climate change but progress to date has been limited.  However, there has recently been a significant renewal of interest in the technology in the light of the adoption of net zero emissions targets, along with a new emphasis – not just on CCS in power generation but also in industrial applications and hydrogen production, as well as in the possible uses of CO2.  This new emphasis presents new opportunities but also new challenges.  Governments inevitably have a role in the development of CCUS, at a minimum in relation to R,D&D and the framework for the development of CO2 pipeline and storage infrastructure.  They now also face wider questions – how can these new cross-sectoral applications be coordinated and optimised across the energy system as a whole?  The research looks particularly at the measures taken in the UK and argues that governments will need to develop new policy tools and approaches if they are to enable CCUS to play an effective and environmentally acceptable role in the future energy system

By: Malcolm Keay