Public-Private Partnerships in The Energy Sector

Probably the biggest challenge to the energy sector is the recurrent issue of energy law stimulating investment in the energy sector. It is critical to where the energy sector will stand in 2040 and whether society can meet its aims of less than a 2°C increase. It is expected that the actual financial resources are there and ready to be unlocked. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are a major tool that can unlock this investment around the world. Their use will be vital and PPPs are already a successful legal finance tool used for other infrastructure projects. The 2°C scenario  (over the next 25 years) represents a $12.1 trillion opportunity for the low-carbon sector while at the same time there will be at least an expected $2.1 trillion in new investment in fossil fuels from now until 2040 (data from Bloomberg). There is limited literature in academia and professionally on PPPs in the energy sector and this is what the research proposed here will aim to address and will utilise a legal economics and global perspective.

By: Raphael Heffron

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