Progress in scaling up Renewable Gas Production

A collaboration between OIES and the Sustainable Gas Institute to assess actual progress in deploying a range of fledgling renewable gas technologies.
With growing acceptance of the need for the energy system to be approaching carbon neutrality by 2050, much has been written about the potential for gas to decarbonise.   Various approaches are put forward, including biomethane from anaerobic digestion, gasification of solid waste, power-to-gas (electrolysis) and methane reforming with carbon capture and storage.   Some bold claims are made regarding scale of production over the long-term.   While pilot and demonstration plants exist, a key challenge for all these technologies is whether they can reach a scale to be significant to decarbonise the energy system in the required timeframe.   This research project, which OIES is conducting in collaboration with the Sustainable Gas Institute at Imperial College, London is gathering data on the status of renewable gas projects and will assess the extent to which progress is being made in comparison with that required under various decarbonisation pathways.

By: Martin Lambert


Gas , Gas Programme , Renewable