Future European transportation bottlenecks

After focusing on a historic perspective on bottlenecks in the gas infrastructure1, the second phase of this joint OIES-ewi Energy Research & Scenarios project focuses on the future to 2030. OIES scenarios about the future development of European gas demand and supply by source are used as an input for ewi’s TIGER model. Based on those inputs, TIGER derives monthly pipeline flows, storage operation and terminal specific LNG imports. The research questions of our analysis are:  what happens to today’s bottleneck problems within the European gas grid under these global demand/supply scenarios?  Are they ‘cured’ by the new demand/supply patterns to Europe or do they get worse? Do new bottleneck problems emerge and where?  Which new infrastructure projects would create a more optimum flow pattern across Europe?

By: Howard Rogers , Beatrice Petrovich , Florian Weiser , Harald Heckling


Gas , Gas Programme


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