The Globalisation of Russian Gas: Political and Commercial Catalysts

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Gazprom has dominated the Russian gas industry. However, the markets in which it operates have changed dramatically, with the company increasingly being challenged at home and abroad. The Globalization of Russian Gas analyses the involvement of the Russian gas industry in the changing international gas market and the dramatic implications for Russia’s role as a global supplier of gas in the future. The authors explore the link between changes in Russia’s domestic market, where new players have recently emerged, and the development of Russia’s gas export business. In particular, they assess the growing importance of LNG exports and the role of Novatek in developing this new business area for Russia. They also review changes in European gas trade and the development of new EU regulations, analysing the ambiguities in Europe’s position on gas exports from Russia and showing why efforts to limit expansion of Russian gas exports have been unsuccessful.

Henderson, J. & Moe, A., (2020) The Globalisation of Russian Gas: Political and Commercial Catalysts, Edward Elgar.

James Henderson, in conversation with book hub, discusses his new book The Globalisation of Russian Gas in which he and co-author Arild Moe analyse the development of the Russian gas industry and the challenges it faces in a globalising gas market.

By: James Henderson