Oxford Energy Podcast – Short-term weakness, long-term uncertainties – Key messages from the OIES Gas Research Programme’s Spring Sponsors’ Meeting

This podcast is a discussion between David Ledesma and James Henderson on the key conclusions from the recent Natural Gas Research Programme’s Spring Sponsors’ meeting, which was held as a series of 7 webinars over two days in early April. The key topics discussed included: the short-term gas market outlook and the potential for storage in Europe to be full by mid-summer; the prospects for the oil market amid the current collapse in demand and the end of the OPEC+ agreement; the potential for a hydrogen economy and how this might be implemented, in particular focusing on blue hydrogen as a facilitator of green hydrogen development; gas markets in South East Europe and the impact of Turk Stream; the competition between coal and gas in Asia and the requirements for gas demand growth in the region; the issue of methane emissions in the oil and gas industry and how they can be mitigated; and finally the question of Russia’s gas export strategy, focusing particularly on future export routes via Ukraine, Nord Stream and the Yamal Europe pipeline. The podcast covers the main points from each of the discussions and highlights research that OIES is continuing to work on in each area.


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