Oxford Energy Podcast – Will Argentina Become a Relevant Gas Exporter?

In this podcast David Ledesma discusses with Ieda Gomes and Roberto Carnicer key themes emerging from their latest paper “Will Argentina become a relevant gas exporter?”. The paper assess the impact of price regulation and subsidies on supply/demand dynamics, starting from the privatization and liberalization policies in the mid 90’s followed by successive measures of price controls, the outlook and export opportunities. Unconventional gas formations in Neuquen basin, including tight gas and Vaca Muerta shale, accounts for 41% of Argentina’s gas production and its development is crucial to meeting domestic demand and for future export projects. The authors concludes that long awaited LNG export schemes might not be developed before 2030 due to macroeconomic constraints and the significant amount of investment required. The paper also assesses other gas monetization opportunities such as petrochemicals, fertilizers and pipeline exports.


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  • Will Argentina Become a Relevant Gas Exporter?

    By: Roberto Carnicer , Ieda Gomes

    Argentina is the largest gas market in South and Central America, with demand in excess of 41 bcm/year in 2020, which is comparable to the size of the French gas market. The discovery and development of Vaca Muerta world class unconventional gas resources created expectations that Argentina would not only be self-sufficient but also become […]

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