Oxford Energy Podcast – The market takes shape: The Ukrainian gas sector to 2030

In this podcast James Henderson discusses a new OIES paper on the future of the Ukrainian gas market and its interconnections with Russia and Europe with Simon Pirani. The podcast first reviews the current state of the Ukrainian gas sector following a decade of dramatic change and then assesses the outlook for further transit of Russian gas, development of the internal market and future opportunities for using the country’s storage assets. James and Simon also discuss the continuing liberalisation and deregulation of the Ukrainian gas market, as well as the prospects for domestic gas production. The overall conclusion is that Ukraine has taken very positive steps to reduce its dependence on Russian gas and gas transit revenues and continues to make progress towards fuller integration with the European gas market.


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  • The market takes shape: The Ukrainian gas sector to 2030

    By: Simon Pirani

    Domestic gas market reform is moving ahead in Ukraine. The cycle of disputes with Russia on transit has been broken by the deal struck at the new year; the transit business continues to decline, while the storage business is soaring and interconnections with European markets are developing. Market pricing has been adopted for the residential […]

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