Oxford Energy Podcast – The Globalisation of Russian Gas: Political and Commercial Catalysts

In this latest podcast David Ledesma interviews James Henderson about his latest book on the Russian gas industry entitled “The Globalisation of Russian Gas: Political and Commercial Catalysts”. Their wide-ranging discussion encompasses changes in the domestic Russian market which are staring to have an impact on Russia’s export strategy, the current state of Gazprom’s export business in Europe and its political consequences, and the emergence of new markets for Russian gas. In particular this means Asia, where a new Gazprom pipeline has started to export gas to China but where LNG is also playing a key role. In light of this change, the podcast addresses the issue of competition between Russian actors in the export market and assesses the likelihood that Russia’s gas export strategy has now developed two main strands, a pipeline business led by Gazprom and an LNG business led by Novatek. The commercial, and potential political, consequences of this may be profound and the podcast explores their potential impact on the global as market.