Oxford Energy Podcast – The Future of Gas in Europe, challenges to 2050

The two decades between 2030 and 2050 will see a period of radical change in the global energy economy if climate targets are going to be met. An increasing number of countries are now setting net zero emissions targets, but Europe continues to lead the way with its decarbonisation plans and in this extended Oxford Energy podcast James Henderson and David Ledesma discuss the implications for the region. Although increased electrification will be fundamental to the energy transition, there is also likely to be a role for gaseous fuels, albeit in the form of biomethane and hydrogen rather than unabated methane. The key issues surround the regulation and legislation that will be needed to encourage this to occur, the changes to infrastructure that will be required and the pace of technological development. In addition, the impact on consumers needs to be considered, especially as many countries and customers are embarking on the transition from very different starting points, implying the need for a wide range of adaptation strategies and levels of investment.